What to Consider When Renting a Tent for an Event?

Planning an event can be a stressful process and there are many issues you will need to resolve before the big day. One such issue is the venue of the event and how the guests will be sheltered. A great solution for this is a tent. Event tents are spacious and you can find a lot of luxury in special tent models.

There are many ways you can customize a tent but you have to select a company that is willing to work with your specific requirements. So make sure you plan enough time to go through options for companies that rent out tents. Selecting the tent can take some time and you have to consider several aspects. There are also certain approvals and permits that will be required for a tent exceeding a certain size. This will be different to each state and the company you are working with will have a good idea of the laws pertaining to your situation.

This is why it is important to look for large event tent rentals that operate in that locality so they understand all the legalities that need to be covered. There will also be additional permits that have to be obtained for special equipment, heating equipment and generators. The rental company will be able to help you in this stage and make sure the relevant permits are obtained. They will know the process fully and have a good idea of the people involved which will make the process easy.

The size of the tent is an important consideration. You will need to let the rental company know how many guests are expected and the type of event you are planning to host. Make sure you let them know the style of food service so they understand the area required for it. Then there are DJ requirements, flooring specifics and additional tables for different items such as placing desserts or gifts.

Consider the condition of the ground as well. Sometimes you will find it easy to drive stakes into the ground in order to anchor the net. But there are some hard ground conditions that will prevent this. So in this situation, you will need to choose a weight system to anchor the tent. And it also depends on how long your event will go on; for long term projects, you will have to look into more permanent anchor systems. The priority should be on ensuring the safety of the guests. 

You have to consider which season you are having the event as it will have a big impact on the type of tent you choose along with other features required for it. If the event is held in the colder months, you will need to look for heating options.

And the method of installation may also vary and the labor costs can change according to the situation. The time of day will have an impact on the lighting setup and the intensity of the lights that are needed for the event. Once you specify when you want to rent the tent, the rental company will apprise you of additional items that will be required for the situation.