Reasons to Buy from Windsor Cycles

The Best Warranty

Because we carefully select every bicycle and accessory we sell, we are able to offer you the best warranty in the cycling industry.

Amazing Service

Outstanding service is part of what makes Windsor Cycles unique. Great customer service takes energy energy, passion and commitment. And we have it. We call it "the Windsor Cycle experience".

Our Workshop

Every bike we sell is assembled in store by our skilled mechanics. They take pride in their work and we are proud of their care and commitment. Their dedication means that you can enjoy your cycling knowing your bike is safe and performing at its best.


Quality equipment will make your cycling experience better, and because we ride, we know what works. We select the best quality products in each price range to ensure that your Cycling is safe and enjoyable.


With over 100 different models of bikes on display. Windsor Cycles has a bike to suit every style of riding. But don't be daunted. Our staff have the knowledge to guide you through our range and help you select the perfect bike.

We Listen

We pride ourselves on listening. Taking the time to listen to you means that we can help you find the bike or accessory that is perfect for you.

We Take Women Seriously

We carry a huge range of Women's bikes, as well as women's clothing and accessories. We listen to what you want and make sure you are comfortable and confident on your bike no matter what style of riding you do.

The Right Size

People come in different sizes, and so do our bikes. We know that it's impossible to enjoy yourself and perform at your best unless you are comfortable, that's why we take the time to ensure that your bike fits you correctly.

You Don't Have to be a Professional

Our easy to ride mountain bikes and cycle path bikes start from under $500. Just like our most expensive models, they are assembled with care in our workshop, and backed by our industry leading warranty.