How to Select a Dog Barrier for Your Vehicle?

Certain modifications have to be made when you are travelling with a pet and you need to make sure they are safe inside the vehicle for the duration of the trip. Pet barriers are a popular accessory that many pet owners use especially when it comes to taking dogs in the car.

When selecting a pet barrier, you need to check whether it is compatible with the make or model of your car. There are pet barriers that have been designed for specific vehicle models and makes so you will generally be able to find something that fits yours. You need to check the product specifications to confirm compatibility. If you are not sure, you can contact the manufacturer to ask about this. You need to make sure that the barrier is able to fit inside the interior dimensions of your car.

You can measure your car as well and compare it against the dimensions of the barrier in the product description to confirm. These barriers are made of different materials such as plastic, metal or mesh. For maximum security you can choose metal barriers and these are quite durable as well. However, mesh barriers can be lightweight and come with a high level of visibility. Plastic barriers are also lightweight and can be easily installed. If you have a large pet or a very active pet, mesh and plastic barriers may not be very effective.

You should consider

The behaviour of your pet and their size when choosing the barrier as mentioned above, the strength of different materials can vary. The barrier should be easy to install. You can check whether the product comes with clear instructions for installation. Also, you can check whether the barrier needs very few tools to install. It is very important to check how the barrier stays in place. Some tend to be permanent fixtures. But if you have more than one vehicle or you are looking for a barrier that can be removed easily, you should check the details of installation. There are also pet barriers that can be installed with straps or pressure mounts. 

There should be safety features for the barrier so that your pet is kept safe during the journey

You can check whether there is a strong locking mechanism for the barrier so that your pet cannot escape accidentally. You should also choose a barrier where your pet will not be able to squeeze through any openings or gaps in it. Check how the pet enters the area as well. It can be a bit of a hassle if you need to remove the entire barrier to do this.

However, there are certain designs where a gate is left to allow easy access for your pet. And as a pet owner, you will be used to pets shedding. This is something you have to think about when selecting a barrier. It should be easy to clean whether your pets shed fur or drool on it. To make washing and cleaning easy, you can look for a barrier that comes with a washable cover.