Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Your Business

You may have heard talk among business colleagues and associates that advertising on social media platforms doesn’t generate the kind of results that it is perceived to generate or you may have heard talk about how Facebook is losing ground to other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. The reality, however, is quite different, every month more businesses are using Facebook to advertise and more potential customers search for products and services over Facebook. 

There are more digital advertising and marketing agencies today that specialise in Facebook marketing, only because there is an audience out there that uses the platform to engage with businesses that offerthe products and services they are looking for and is willing to engage with a business on Facebook for their purchases. Talking to a facebook marketing agency Brisbane will give you a good idea of the possibilities for your business or brand – we have listed 5 advantages for you to go through and compare vs. other digital platforms in the meantime.

Research suggests that Facebook is still ahead of other social media platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok to name a few. What this means for an advertiser is that the platform offers businesses one of the largest user bases to target their products and services. Facebook is perhaps only second to Google’s search users. One of the advantages of advertising with Facebook is that you can target a wide range of user demographics. Even though there is a skew towards a younger profile of users there is a significant number of users that fall between the 40 to 65+ age group.

You may have heard that Facebook advertising is effective for only B2C businesses, however, it is a platform that can be, and is currently being used by many businesses to conduct B2B campaigns. This works out well because it has been found that business decision-makers spend a significant amount of time on Facebook compared to other people.

A business can use Facebook to target beyond mere demographics.While demographics can be used for targeting, used on its own can be a weak way to figure out a target group’s needs and lifestyle. The advantage of targeting using Facebook parameters is that a business can target individuals based on a range of lifestyle characteristics like sports interests, hobbies and so on. A business can use the same parameters across its entire marketing channel mix for greater synergy.

Facebook offers several ad formats for businesses to choose from. Facebook offers the widest range available on any social platform which makes it more user-friendly. There are a few options available for each stage of the target marketing funnel which allows you the flexibility to use both text and visuals. 

Another advantage is that you can use Facebook to drive referral traffic to your site by making your advertising relevant and engaging enough for the user to leave Facebook and explore your offer further on your website.